National ENT, Head and Neck Surgery Conference - .PDF

National ENT, Head and Neck Surgery Conference - .PDF
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This volume is covering most of the proceedings of The National Conference in Otorhinolaryngology and Cervical and Facial Surgery held in Arad, Romania, between 06-09 June 2018.

The specialists in all the related field gathered together to discuss the recent progress on the ENT practice. Very important was that the participants had the opportunity to share experience and to design new action directions.

This book is including many original works and several educational reviews, of interest. The reader will find here a cross-sectional reflection of the today knowledge and research on Otorhinolaryngology theme mainly in Eastern Europe but also worldwide.

The representative papers of this congress were proposed for publishing in this volume. We selected a number of 96 papers that we are sure the reader will find to be significant and to bring important scientific information consistent in all topics related to ENT.

I hope that reading of this book will be useful in improving and updating your medical knowledge!


Șerban Vifor Gabriel Berteșteanu, Raluca Grigore

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