35th Balkan Medical Week - .PDF

35th Balkan Medical Week - .PDF
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The 35th Balkan Medical Week was held in Athens, Greece, between 25-27 September 2018, the main theme of the congress being “Healthy ageing: an endless challenge”. The congress was attended by more than 600 registered scientists from the Balkan countries, but also from France, Switzerland, Belgium, and China. The excellent scientific program focused on healthy ageing and had the intention to enhance knowledge and collaboration between physicians within and beyond the Balkans.
These Proceedings contain most of the full-text papers presented at the congress and cover a wide range of specialties: internal medicine, cardiology, pneumology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, hematology, surgery, legal medicine etc. The volume reflects the progresses and achievements made by the Balkan countries in the medical practice and research.
It is my hope that these Proceedings will provide an effective learning experience and referenced resource for all physicians and scientists, not only from the Balkan countries, but worldwide, leading to improved patient care and advancing medical research.

International Secretary General of the Balkan Medical Union

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